The Noble Pirates

Workaholic attorney Sabrina is on a booze cruise in the Bahamas when a violent storm pitches her back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy – with a book that describes the fate of Howel Davis, a sailor destined to become a fearsome pirate. When she finds herself falling […] Read more »


Blakely’s life was completely normal until she opened the door to a yard full of reporters. Now she is on her way to a new school and a new life. She left her family and friends behind and only a select few know where she is at all. Will her […] Read more »

The Interrogator’s Notebook

Story Merchant Books presents the debut novel Interrogator’s Notebook from prize-winning author and blogger Martin Ott. A former U.S. Army interrogator, Martin Ott uses his real-world experience and meticulous research in creating the character of Norman Kross, a master interrogator skilled at unlocking others’ secrets but blind to the truth […] Read more »


VENGEANCE is Bryan Koepke’s powerful tale of revenge, betrayal, and redemption told in a way that brings a new style to the world of Thrillers. Reece Culver, a former aerospace engineer, is tortured by unanswered questions revolving around the mystery of his father’s cold-case murder. When a seemingly desperate and […] Read more »

Shannon’s Law

This book introduces a sassy witty female cop, Shannon Aguerri, an inner-city girl with a strong sense of justice. She locks up criminals and always gets her man – even if her methods are slightly unconventional.  When the bosses get nervous of her maverick approach, she is sent to cool […] Read more »

Firemancer Collection (Books 1-3) (Fated Saga Box Set)

Summer fun is coming! And other than turning thirteen, twins, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, are looking forward to a typical summer… well, typical for them. Which means their uncle (and guardian) will pull into the Cobbscott Campground and park his travel trailer for three full months. Normally, they’d never spend […] Read more »