The Last Virgin Alive

The Last Virgin Alive is a new adult novel about a girl’s first year of college. Far from home at an out of state college, the family drama she tried to get away from still exists. While struggling with college life and her family’s issues, she is also feeling rejected […] Read more »

In Death He Lives

The love of Reade’s life, Alex, lay in a coma showing no signs of awakening. And Reade put him there. Alex loved life. His smile was contagious. He was out and proud, never hiding his sexuality. Reade was not. Living under the thumb of his tyrant father Harrold, Reade could […] Read more »

The Living Night

Epic horror and adventure by bestselling author Jack Conner. Vampires, werewolves and many other supernatural creatures have always existed in the shadows of human society, but now those shadows are about to explode. When Ludwig, an important figure in the Community is assassinated, the various supernatural races launch a terrible […] Read more »