The Impossible Lover

“The DaVinci Code meets Steampunk with Frank Herbert’s Dune flavor crystals.” Quite possibly the first novel series to explore the import and implications of Subjective Reality, the series is an epic metaphysical romp through a possible alternative history of Christendom. In this view, Jesus did not die on the cross, […] Read more »

Lightning Seed

Earth, 12 years into the Big Freeze, nearly half the world’s population dead. Terrorists with Alien WMD have shut down all networks and plan to destroy an entire city. The only people with any chance of stopping them is an amnesiac teenager with a strange connection to the WMD and […] Read more »

Lay Saints

Lay Saints by Adam Connell takes readers on a sinister ride through a twisted cityscape where hidden telepaths ply their trade, reading or altering the thoughts of the “hacks” around them, for the right price. Lay Saints opens with Calder, a man whose special abilities nearly drove him insane, until […] Read more »