Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea

Why Employees are Always A Bad Idea is a radical new book about the Participation Age, for everyone who: has a job, owns a company, or manages people. IMAGINE: No titles, no departments, no corporate ladder, no office hours, unlimited vacation time, profit sharing for everyone. No employees or managers, […] Read more »

Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney

Synopsis: Why should evangelical Christians support a Mormon candidate for President?David and Nancy French tackle this very question with facts, anecdotes, theology, and a good dose of humor. They talk about Romney’s “Massachusetts moderate” label, his record on social issues, and–yes–his religion. This books is for people who see Gov. […] Read more »

Decline & Fall: Europe’s Slow Motion Suicide

Synopsis: Once a colossus dominating the globe, Europe today is a doddering convalescent. Sluggish economic growth, high unemployment, an addiction to expensive social welfare entitlements, a dwindling birth-rate among native Europeans, and most important, an increasing Islamic immigrant population chronically underemployed yet demographically prolific–all point to a future in which […] Read more »