Night Terror

The sequel to Amazon Bestselling supernatural thriller, Night Chill. Ten years after a cult nearly killed her, Sarah Tremont once again finds herself targeted by men and women who will do anything possess her gifts for themselves. But Sarah is no longer a frightened five year old girl, she’s a […] Read more »

War of the Black Tower: An Epic Fantasy: Part One

Epic fantasy by bestselling author Jack Conner. For centuries the allied kingdoms of the Crescent Alliance have been at war with the dark power that rules over Oslog, the black land to the south of the Crescent, but now that stalemate is about to break. The Dark One has named […] Read more »

Ziggurat, The Age of Total Dominion

Individuals are tools of production and consumption, relentlessly looking for pleasure that never comes. Their same “self” vanishes while attempting to fill up the emptiness of their existences completely dehumanized and possessed by the totalitarian law of profit. Neither old nor new values will never appease their plight while the […] Read more »

Addiction on Trial

“Addiction on Trial” is a highly acclaimed crime thriller, based on medical and legal truths. This riveting murder mystery/legal thriller, by physician/author Steven Kassels, exposes readers to the real life of drug addiction. “Intelligent, descriptive and exciting, it’s the kind of fiction that stays with the reader long after the […] Read more »