Vardin Village

George Vardin and his friends are typical teenagers in a small, affluent town. They seek the same goals; to make the varsity team, date a pretty girl, hang with the guys, goof around ‘til college. But George can only pretend. He doesn’t have the money or the time to play […] Read more »

The Tegen Cave

From its gut-grabbing prologue to its explosive conclusion, Goss’s spine-tingling debut story gives new meaning to the phrase “a blood-curdling adventure.”—Foreword Clarion Review After running from her boyfriend’s powerful organized crime family, Sara Jones starts a new life in a new town. But when people around her start dying from […] Read more »

Sky1 – Foundation

Seven hundred years ago, a city walled itself off from the rest of the world. Decades after first containment, the city expanded upwards, becoming a world unto itself. The population of this city-world has boomed to over eighty million people, but the history of why the world was built and […] Read more »

Rook and Raven

Romance, adventure, mystery, magic and fiery passion…. It’s 1822 and Jessamy Powers’ star could not shine any brighter as the leading light of the London stage. Against all odds she is courted by one of England’s wealthiest and handsomest dukes. She has every reason to expect a return to the […] Read more »

Unit 400: The Assassins

Amazon Kindle Book Giveaway April 26-30, 2014  “Ex-Navy SEAL Logan Alexander returns in the sequel to Williams’ 2012 novel Cooper’s Revenge. “Classic elements of a modern espionage story abound: mystery, intrigue, danger, technology, and, importantly, a sense of immediacy, thanks to the global forces at play. Those with a taste for […] Read more »