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Inspired by actual events, The God Complex takes readers on a thrill ride through Chinese medicine. Discover the secrets of the Orient as you embark on a ‘factional’ adventure pitting Eastern medicine against its critics in the West. Each clue brings you one step closer to solving the mystery and uncovering an ancient secret that connects Chinese medicine to martial arts.

Setting – Turn your trip to Prague into an adventure!
Set in Prague, the book also serves as a surrogate tour guide, offering readers a unique perspective of the city and its culture. Learn a few Czech words, dishes, and customs. Find the restaurants described inside and dine with locals.

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Why You Should Read The God Complex?

This is a great book for readers traveling to Prague. Learn a few Czech words, cultural insights, and favorite restaurants among locals as you solve an intriguing mystery. Turn your trip into an adventure!


Highlighted Review

As an acupuncturist, I found The God Complex to be impeccably researched and giving suspense to a story that would otherwise be difficult for the mainstream reader.

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The God Complex has been voted #1 travel novel set in Prague.


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by Chris Titus
Publisher: Guru Knee Press


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Title: The God Complex (Action & Adventure)
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Publisher: Guru Knee Press



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