The Obama Sutra

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Book Cover - The Obama SutraBook Cover - The Obama SutraBook Cover - The Obama Sutra

The Obama Sutra takes the words and deeds of Barack Obama and translates them into text and reasonably tactful full-page illustrations which will allow adventurous lovers of all political persuasions to achieve the “57 States of Ecstasy” promised by the President.Pleasurable positions include “The Audacity of Soap,” “Leading from Behind,” “Fast and Furious,” “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” “If You Like It, You Can Keep It,” “Piece Prize,” “Stimulus Package,” and many, many more.Whether you agree with Barack Obama’s politics or not, you must admit that no one has done more to arouse passions in living memory. No one has inspired more leg thrills and moans of satisfaction from the media. And no one has left so many Americans feeling screwed in such a wide variety of ways.


Obama Sutra – An Illustrated Guide to 57 States


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by Stilton Jarlsberg


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Title: The Obama Sutra (Fiction)



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