Turning Idolater

Philip Flaxen, who strips past his jockstrap on the Internet for manluv.org, acquires a rare gift – a book that transforms his life. With it, he sparks with a famous author, whittles away at a new craft, swims with an odd circle of new acquaintances and is swept up in mayhem. Philip leaves the world of the Porn Nazi and enters the realm of crisp possibilities – great expectations and dark secrets that unravel over deep waters.

Follow this whodunit as Philip Flaxen “turns idolater” and never looks back – a tale of Internet strippers, back street murders, Provincetown glitz, New York City nightlife and a love story for the ages. If you liked “No Irish Need Apply” and loved “Bobby’s Trace”, you will absolutely adore “Turning Idolater”. Life is filled with serendipity, pleasurable and bracing, but on the fringes and in the heart, life can be a very bloody business.

Title: Turning Idolater
Price: $0.99
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author: Edward C. Patterson
Link: Turning Idolater


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